Moorditj Djoowak Enrichment and Engagement Program

Our students, our children, are our future!

Safety Bay Senior High School is dedicated to enriching the lives of all students, and is determined to develop our school and curriculum culturally. We hope to provide our students with the knowledge and pride of culture that they are able to share with their peers, friends and family, through our Reconciliation Plan and Moorditj Djoowak Enrichment & Engagement Program. Students are encouraged to learn through activities, film and involvement with guest speakers, and encouraged to think outside the box and aim high and to become a voice of the future to guide our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.

Program Values
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community
Teaching Staff

Program Values

We are one, we stand together, but our mobs are from different areas.

Education matters.

Students need to know the country to be able to teach the next generation.

Not everyone’s life is the same, we need to share good and bad experiences to educate our students about resilience and choices.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community

We urge you to help us with our attempts to restore culture and bridge the gap by getting involved. We would like to reach out to elders in the community to help support us with educating and sharing with our future generation.

Share your culture and story with our students, there is no shame in past history or future direction. We would be grateful to any parent, guardian or family elder to come in and yarn with our students about life experiences, teach language and bush tucker knowledge.

Teaching Staff

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Education Officer (AEIO)

"I am a proud Whadjuk Wadjela Yoka.
Nee Anderson, my mob Anderson’s and Jackson’s Paternal and Maternal Grandmothers Louisa Bobbinet from the Wagyl Kaip Boodja and Jeannie Cabelgan Yonop from Gnarla Karla Boodja. My father’s father, pop and his parents were from the Swan Native Settlement, 'The Stolen Generation' and I have been taught cultural traditions that were passed down from my pop and my father."

"I have a passion to help our children connect back to our roots, to be proud, to learn things I could not and to be given every opportunity to succeed in life. I am in the process of becoming a Noongar Language Teacher, in the bids to bring our native tongue back to students so that future generations can continue."

Teaching staff
Terrie Titko
Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AEIO)