The Compass School Portal is an integrated, online portal that allows you to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child’s progress. Compass includes many different features, including the ability to:

  • Monitor your child’s attendance, and enter an explanation for absence or lateness
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers
  • Update your family contact information
  • View your child’s timetable and the school calendar
  • Book Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
  • Pay and provide consent for events
Student Access
Parent Access

Student Access

  • By default, all students across the Department have a username and an email account. These are usually based on the student’s first-name and surname, i.e. jane.johnson. Sometimes, there is a number at the end, i.e. jane.johnson2.
  • To access Compass, students will need a password. Once students have been provided with their username and a password, they can access the site by navigating to Compass in their browser and logging in.

Parent Access

Parents are provided with their own secure login to Compass once they submit the registration form and their information is verified. When they login to Compass they will be able to see information specific to their own children which will include items such as:

  • the classes which are on their children’s timetables
  • class calendars
  • assessment outline information for each course, drawn from Reporting to Parents
  • assessment details and marks/grades/comments on the achievement of their child
  • week by week attendance information for their children
  • notices from classes that automatically generate an email notification for parents