Learning Areas

We divide our curriculum into eight major Learning Areas. Students in Years 7 to 10 are required to undertake studies in these areas and can make choices to enable them to pursue their particular strengths, talents and interests.


At Safety Bay Senior High School, the study of English enables students to develop a greater understanding and application of language and communication.

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Health and Physical Education

Our health programs build knowledge and awareness of a range of Health topics including physical and mental wellbeing, resilience and respectful relationships, anti-bullying and nutrition.

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Humanities and Social Sciences

By studying Humanities and Social Sciences, students will develop the ability to question; think critically; make decisions based on evidence; devise proposals for actions; and communicate effectively.

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According to research, the best time to start speaking a second language is early in life and at Safety Bay Senior High School we provide this opportunity for students in Years 7 and 8. In these years, it is compulsory for students to study either German or Indonesian.

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We encourage logical reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, abstract or spatial thinking, problem-solving ability, and even effective communication skills as part of our Mathematics Learning Area.

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The Science Learning Area at Safety Bay Senior High School has an experienced and motivated team of teachers who provide quality teaching and learning. We build partnerships with parents and our local community.

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Technologies provide students with authentic learning challenges that foster curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, creativity, respect and cooperation.

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The Arts

The Arts evokes emotions; It makes you think and feel. At Safety Bay Senior High School, we aim to engage and inspire young people with meaningful and purposeful experiences through both the Performing and Visual Arts.

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