New Students

Welcome to Safety Bay Senior High School. Safety Bay is a supportive, student-focused school and we hope the following information will help you enjoy the start of this new time in your life.

Daily Session Times

First Siren
Period 1
8:30am to 9:32am
Period 2
9:32am to 10:34am
10:34am to 10:59am
10:59 to 11:09am
Period 3
11:09am to 12:11pm
Period 4
12:11pm to 1:13pm
1:13pm to 1:38pm
Period 5
1:38pm to 2:40pm

Absences and Lateness

If you are away, please inform Student Services as soon as possible.

If you are late, you must sign in at Student Services on your arrival before going to class.

If you need to leave school during the day, you must have permission either by letter or by phone from home. You can go to Student Services to sign out. If returning to school that day, you must sign back in at Student Services when you re-enter.