Pathfinders Academic Excellence

Our Pathfinders Academic Excellence Program is designed to challenge students academically, build self-esteem, build leadership skills and prepare students for tertiary education.

The aim of the program is to foster the academic and personal development of these students within a caring environment, assisting them to explore their potential and achieve outcomes at the highest possible level.

Being involved in the Pathfinders program does not preclude a student from involvement in other special programs in the school. Many Pathfinders have a variety of interests and talents and are encouraged to pursue these.

Register Interest

Students from year levels 7-10 are encouraged to test for a place in our Pathfinders Academic Excellence Program. Register below and you will be contacted to arrange an individual test.

2023 Entry Testing

Register now for our 2024 Pathfinders Academic Excellence Program!

Entry testing is open to current Year 6 students, heading into Year 7 in 2024.

Register below to be contacted regarding upcoming testing in 2023.


Program Selection
Teaching Staff

Program Selection

Entrance testing for current Year 6’s looking to become a part of our program for the following year are held once annually. Registrations are essential to confirm your place at the entrance test.


The Pathfinder Academic Excellence Program students will receive access to various enrichment activities, workshops, competitions, and projects that have been intentionally crafted to cater to their distinct interests, talents, and the constantly evolving educational landscape.

Teaching Staff

Our Pathfinders Academic Excellence students are taught by some of our school’s most well equipped teachers who have a keen interest in building and challenging student knowledge. These teachers work closely with students in their rigorous studies across Science, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences. Each year, students will benefit from being exposed to a new teacher from each learning area who will deliver them a curriculum designed to stimulate and develop the individual’s skills in inquiry, analytical and critical thinking, communication and creativity.

Renu Pillay
Pathfinders Academic Excellence Program Coordinator