Connect: Linking Teachers, Students and Home

The WA Department of Education has obtained licences for suites of resources and lesson plans for use in Western Australian public schools. There is a wide variety of resource types within Connect such as:

  • online collaborative audio tools, survey-making tools or interactive publishing tools
  • interactive digital resources that encourage students to review and develop skills acquired during class
  • reference materials to assist research
  • graphic organisers, maps and worksheets to support prior learning and extend conceptual knowledge and skills in your own teaching programs
  • documentary footage, TV series and still images to deepen student engagement with educational topics
  • data sets around a variety of topics and interactive digital that allow students to plot data.
Student Access
Parent Access

Student Access

By default, all students across the Department have a username and an email account. These are usually based on the student’s first name and surname, i.e. jane.johnson. Sometimes, there is a number at the end, i.e. jane.johnson2.

Parent Access

Parents are to be provided with their own secure login to Connect once they submit the registration form and their information is verified. When they login to Connect they will see information specific to their own children which will include items such as:

  • the classes which are on their children’s timetables
  • class calendars
  • assessment outline information for each course, drawn from reporting to Parents
  • assessment details and marks/grades/comments on the achievement for their own child
  • week by week attendance information for their children
  • notices from classes that automatically generate an email notification for parents