Year 7 Retreat 12th-14th Feb 2018

We hope all our wonderful Year 7 students are getting excited about the retreat next week!

The retreat is an overnight stay for all Year 7 students at Woodman Point Recreation Camp to help students settle into high school and get to know each other. There is no cost for this retreat. There will be lots of fun activities including raft building, rock climbing, sports, and art activities to name a few.

The entire year group will be attending in two groups over the three days. Group 1 will be staying Monday-Tuesday with Group 2 staying Tuesday-Wednesday. Full details of the Retreat will be provided in Consent2Go. You will be prompted to select Attending or Not Attending.

Students will need the following:

 Sleeping Bag or bedding, either a blanket/sheet or a pillowcase.

 Clothes for two days (t-shirts, shorts, trainers, underwear, spare clothes for the evening).

 Towel and toiletries so that they can use the showers (including toothbrush and toothpaste).

 Swimwear for the raft building activity as they may get wet.

 Sunscreen

 Hat

 Water bottle

Most importantly we hope all our Year 7 students have a wonderful time!

Students getting to know each other at the 2017 Year 7 Retreat.