Synergy Schools Solar Challenge Semi-Finals!

This Thursday we were lucky enough to send a team of four Year 8 students to the 2018 Synergy Schools Solar Challenge semi-finals at Rossmoyne Senior High School!

The students had to design and build a functioning solar vehicle for the race challenge. This year’s team started up with eagerness and excitement. Over the last 7 weeks, they were building, testing and perfecting the solar cars making it just a little bit faster. The students were required to apply engineering skills and a knowledge of solar energy and photovoltaic in order to make the fastest car.

There were a number of races in the competition so the students needed to ensure that their car was durable. Each team participated in at least one heat, which was ran as a ‘best out of three’ challenge. Each team then versed the same team three times with the winning team progressing through to different stages in the heat.

The challenge provided an opportunity for students to demonstrate STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) skills and innovative thinking with an excitement of competition. We had an excellent day at the competition with the students enjoying themselves while gaining valuable insights and knowledge about solar energy.