Pathfinder Academic Excellence Program

Program Vision

Our Pathfinder Academic Excellence Program is designed to challenge students academically, build self-esteem, build leadership skills and prepare students for tertiary education.

The aim of the program is to foster the academic and personal development of these students within a caring environment, assisting them to explore their potential and achieve outcomes at the highest possible level. 

Being involved in the Pathfinder program does not preclude a student from involvement in other special programs in the school. Many Pathfinders have a variety of interests and talents and are encouraged to pursue these.


Pathfinder students will be involved in a number of extra-curricular activities that support and enhance the academic program, including academic competitions and the bi-annual Canberra Tour.

Students also participate in the Bendigo Bank How Would You Improve Your Local Community competition.

Application Process

Is your child a current Year 6 student in need of an academic challenge?

Then join our Pathfinder Academic Excellence Program! This program challenges students academically, builds self-esteem and leadership skills whilst preparing students for tertiary education.

To secure a place in our Pathfinder Academic Excellence Program you need to sit the Entrance Test.

Please note the Pathfinder Program is only open to current Year 6 students who either live within our local intake area or are trying out for a place in either our Cheer-Dance or Football Specialist Programs.

2022 Additional Pathfinder Entrance Test

Thursday 21 October 2021 3-4pm 

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