Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers, Teachers and Students at Safety Bay Senior High School,

I recently received correspondence from the Prime Minister asking me to endorse, support and celebrate the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) this coming Friday 16th March 2018. On this day schools across Australia will stand united in their communities against violence and bullying.

To this end I have started a review into all student safety and wellbeing policies and practices currently undertaken here at Safety Bay Senior High School. I have requested the new Manager of Student Services Mr Dwayne White, to prepare a report for me by the end of Term 1 with recommendations for me to consider on workable solutions that address bullying and violence.

This Friday our school will be celebrating the National Day of Action and undertaking lots of activities to put a stop to bullying and as part of our stance against violence in any form.

I abhor the demonstration of violence in any form in our school community. It is even more abhorrent given the very special name our School bears, Safety Bay.

As Principal I urge you all to imagine a world free from bullying and to share your ideas, views and opinions on how we can together make Safety Bay Senior High School free of bullying and one in which we can all be proud, safe and enjoy things #thesafetybayway!

Thank you for your support. Together we can deliver the message that bullying and violence is never okay.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Alen Kursar

Principal, Safety Bay Senior High School