We wanted to share some tips and resources to help parents and carers to support your children’s learning at home!


Our teachers are placing programs of work, tasks, worksheets and other resources on CONNECT. Students login to Connect with their normal school login details. Parents login with a p-number and password. If you are not sure what that is or misplaced it, please contact Administration to have it reset for you.

You may have experienced some issues logging into or accessing Connect. Please note there is a lot of congestion at the moment with the amount of people across WA using the system. The Department of Education is currently looking into this so please be patient, and perhaps try logging in at a later time.

If you are unsure where to access Connect check out our handy video below to help you out. You can also read the step-by-step Parent guide here.

Here’s our handy video showing how to access Connect and where to find content in your Connect classes!


All students have now been added to our Compass School Portal, which is our new integrated online portal allowing you to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and student progress. Read our guide to Compass here.

We will be progressively rolling this platform over the coming months. We encourage all our families to log on and familiarise yourself with the system. It will also be used to communicate important information from the school.

You can login to Compass here. Students use their normal school login details used to access Connect and school computers. Parents need to use the login details mailed home a few weeks ago. If you did not receive them please contact Admin.

You can also download the Compass School Manager App from the Apple or Android App Stores onto your smartphone.


One of our wonderful teachers, Ms Reale has created this fantastic video to help students access Office 365 online FREE with their school email address and password. Office 365 includes programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Check out this great video on how you can access FREE online Office365 programs at home!


The Department of Education are providing online access to resources for parents and students through the Learning at home website. You can access resources by year level, plus there is information to support parents and carers and resources from around the country to help you support your child.

You can also find a link to the Department of Education’s Learning at Home website in the Quick Links section on our school website homepage.


Another great resource you might like to check out is ABC Education. There are thousands of free curriculum-based resources to help support Primary and Secondary students.

Visit ABC Education for more great resources to help support your child’s learning at home!

Have you found a great resource or have a tip for other parents and carers? Let us know in the comments below!