Industry Links Vocational Education & Training Program


Program Vision


Industry Links is our Vocational Education Pathway that enables students to obtain a nationally recognised TAFE qualification whilst achieving points to obtain the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

These courses help students develop relevant industry knowledge and skills providing pathways to employment or further study.

Application Process


Year 10 students wishing to join the program need to select the Industry Links option through Subject Selection Online at the end of Term 2. It is recommended that students select General Studies as a backup in case the VET application is unsuccessful. Once all applications have been processed you will be required to attend an interview with the Industry Links Program Coordinator where your vocational preference will be discussed and applications submitted to TAFE.

You will be contacted and notified of your application’s success as soon as possible. Please note that TAFE offer a number of application rounds so you may not be successful the first time. The Industry Links staff will submit multiple applications in an effort to secure a place in the course of your choice.



There is also an option to complete a school based traineeship which allows senior secondary students to start a traineeship while also completing the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Under these arrangements the student is both a full-time student and a part time employee with the same employment and training responsibilities as other trainees. Traineeships often lead to full time employment.


Traineeships are currently available to Industry Links students in a diverse range of fields such as Hospitality, Banking, Tourism, Individual Disability Support and the Public Sector. Aboriginal School Based Traineeships are also available.

What the students have to say


“I don’t think that a lot of people know how great the Safety Bay Senior High’s Industry Links program is. I personally have benefited so much from it and I’m grateful to be in the program. I find that it’s a really good fit for students and it helps them achieve more and be prepared for the future work years.”

Kaitlin Pike Year 11 student 2017

“You get the best of all worlds, an education, two certificates and workplace experience, and when I found out I could do a school-based traineeship, I jumped at it. Industry Links is a great path to take in high school, it is the best decision I have ever made and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get out in the workplace but also get their Year 12 Certificate.”

Kelly Scherbarth Year 12 student 2017

“Once I complete year 12 I have been offered full time work with Activ Foundation which has set up a good beginning to my life straight away. I think people should see the benefits which can come out of it and they should also know about the other options which can be taken to get to the career you want. In future years, I would like to become a teacher, even though I didn’t do ATAR. Industry Links has helped me find a way into University, by showing me a bridging course I can apply for when I would like to.”

Shanae Ellis Year 12 student 2017

“I wish more students knew that Industry Links does benefit you by helping you understand what TAFE and work is like. It can be a lot with work experience plus school but it is such a good program.”

Zalea Carr Year 12 student 2017

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