Recently we held an information session to provide tips to help you as parents/carers support your child’s mental health over the school holidays.

This event was organised by Ali Clements, Manager Metro Suicide Prevention Coordinator Program with Neami National. They have a great resource for parents/carers on supporting your child’s mental health and a tip sheet filled with national and local hotlines that you can use to find support.

We heard from Mental Health Trainer Romy Pritchard from RDP Enterprise Solutions who gave presentation filled with useful tips including the following:

  • What is and is not typical adolescent behaviour
  • Protective vs. risk factors for developing a mental illness
  • Ways you can support their mental health

We also heard from Roger Garling, Service Manager with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Rockingham branch. CAMHS is a planned admission service that can help deal with clinical diagnoses and complex trauma issues as well as eating disorders.

Although are not necessarily your first port of call, CAMHS operate a 24/7 Crisis Connect Hotline offering urgent mental health support and advice for young people.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service Crisis Connect Hotline, please reach out to them if you need urgent support!

Caroline Dela Harpe from Anglicare WA service Cypress spoke about the ongoing support they have been providing two days a week here at school to support students who have been bereaved by suicide. Cypress will be checking in with those students during the school holidays.

Sam Phipps from Roses in the Ocean, who have recently launched a new national peer call back service for parents, teachers and anyone who may have felt the ripple effect of suicide in the community.

To cap off the evening, our wonderful Student Services team were also on hand to share with parents/carers about the services we have on offer here at school. We have two new Student Support Officers, Jo Edwards and Rebecca Lynagh-Galvin who help students and families needing extra support. Both Jo and Rebecca will be available during the holiday period.

As well as those staff members, our Community Engagement Coordinator Janelle Cahoon is available to help support any parents/carers that need assistance with connecting to other services such as pediatricians to obtain diagnoses for learning difficulties.

If you need extra support from us please don’t hesitate to reach out via email to [email protected] or call us on 9528 9200.