Letter from the Principal

Under the instructions of the WA Premier, Mark McGowan, all secondary school staff and students will be required to wear masks during Week 1.

Some exclusions will apply:

  • Students will not have to wear a mask during physical exercise.
  • Teachers will not have to wear a mask when speaking at the front of a class room or when doing physical exercise.
  • Students will not be required to wear their masks when eating their lunch or recess.
  • Similarly, staff will not have to wear a mask when eating for a break.
  • Students with a medical condition or learning disability may be exempt from wearing a mask. Each case will be assessed individually. So please get in contact if your child needs an exemption.

Will parents be allowed on school grounds?

  • Yes, but they will need to wear a mask.
  • Parents are discouraged from gathering on the school grounds and should observe social distancing guidelines wherever possible.

How will school activities be impacted?

  • The Department of Education has stated that the 4sqm rule will be in place.
  • There will be a capacity of 150 people during mass gatherings.
  • This will affect the Year 12 Ball, which was scheduled for Friday the 12th of February. The ball has now been postponed until March 26th. Click here for more details…
  • School assemblies and Year group gatherings will still take place, but they will be staggered and will abide by the 150 person capacity.